Our Families

Jacob’s Success Story

“My son is 12 years old and is in the 8th grade at a private school in Scottsdale that specializes in teaching kids who learn differently. This is his third year at this school. He is twice-exceptional, which in his case means he is both gifted and ADHD. He is a very intelligent and kind boy who has problems with academic work due to poor organizational skills and attention issues and, as a result, needs a specialized school that can help him succeed.

My son’s school is providing him with small class size, individualized curriculum and one-on-one tutoring. It is also teaching him executive functioning skills and is providing him with social/emotional support when he needs it. I am certain without this specialized and individual approach, he would not be where he is today. I have seen tremendous gains over these few years with respect to organization, social skills, schoolwork, accountability and confidence.

He has been able to benefit from this school mainly due to the generous donations that have been provided through APESF. There is absolutely no way that my family could have taken on the financial burden of the full tuition that comes along with this kind of education. What an amazing program we have in this state where AZ state tax payers can re-direct part of their taxes to help a child like mine. My son’s success proves that this program works. I have no idea where he would be without APESF and the financial support of this tax credit donation program. I tell everyone I know about this program, how easy it is to donate and how much it means to my family. Thank you, APESF!”

– Katya, APESF parent

We love to see kids find a school where they are learning, thriving and enjoying their education! Visit apesf.org/donate to learn how you can change the life of a kid like Jacob.