Social Media Tips

Do you want an easy, public platform to ask friends and family to donate for the private school tax credit credit? The average American spends 3 hours per day on social media. What better way to reach the 75% of Arizonans who do not participate in the private school tax credit program than through your thousands of Facebook friends and Twitter followers? Get the word out, and maybe even get recommendations for your student(s)! Check out these easy links to post to your social media accounts, and help us put your students in the school where they learn best.

For Twitter:

  • Want a say in where your tax $$ go? You got it! Donate to @APESF 4 a $-for-$ tax credit. You can even recommend our family w/ your gift! – Tweet it!
  • The tax credit program COSTS YOU NO MONEY but can help our kids attend the school of their choice. Find out more at – Tweet it!
  • Our student is thriving in private school! Will you donate your tax $$ 2 help us pay 4 the best education possible? – Tweet it!
  • Arizona’s best kept secret is the private school tax credit program. Visit & help us get the word out about @APESF! – Tweet it!

For Facebook:

  • Want a say in where your tax dollars go? You got it! A donation to Arizona Private Education Scholarship Fund nets no cost to you and can benefit our family. All you have to do is: 1. Determine your tax liability. 2. Donate up to the amount of your liability or the maximum allowed by the State (whichever is less). 3. List our student in the recommendation field. 4. File forms 301, 323, and possibly 348 with your taxes. 4. Owe less, owe nothing, or get a refund on your taxes. It’s as simple as that and makes a huge difference to our family. Thank you so much! – Post to Facebook!
  • We love the choice we have to send our kids to the school where they learn best. We could not do it without the help of the tax credit program and all our friends and family who donate. If you haven’t heard of the opportunity you have to re-direct your tax dollars, check out! It is a win-win and benefits you as the donor and our family greatly. Thank you to all of you who make this possible for us! – Post to Facebook!
  • OR…Post your customized PDF with an explanation and pictures of your family to Facebook. Nothing grabs the eye like pictures! Visit to download PDF templates and see samples. If you would like for us to make a page for you, please email Alexia.

We think everyone should take advantage of the private school tax credit program in Arizona. The more support from your community you have, the easier it is to choose the right school for your kids. Social media provides the platform to unite your community and encourage them to be a part of your kids’ lives. In an age where half of social media posts are negative and create division, you have the chance to bring people together for a worthwhile cause. Help us spread the word today!