APESF is dedicated to assisting families understand and participate in the Arizona tax-credit program. Our team provides friendly and trustworthy guidance to parents seeking tuition assistance for the schools that best fit their student's needs.

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APESF continues to simplify the application process for parents and guardians. We have updated our “Digital Backpack” of resources designed to help families to more actively engage with potential donors. We are always here to provide assistance and encouragement. Together, we can make the impossible possible.


APESF is dedicated to helping families make sense of the tax-credit program. For additional resources, call Robin at 480-699-8911.

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Here at APESF, we respect the generosity of our donors and steward every dollar with sincere gratitude. We are committed to helping families participate in the Arizona tax credit program by providing friendly and trustworthy guidance. In addition, APESF provides innovative resources for families to use in reaching potential donors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why participate in the Arizona tax credit program?

Tax credits allow Arizona residents to choose how their tax dollars are spent. Instead of sending their tax dollars to the state’s general fund, taxpayers can send their tax dollars directly to causes they believe in through qualified organizations like APESF. Making a tax-credit contribution, like withholding, is a way of paying your tax liability.

How much can I give?

You may contribute up to the maximum amount per the table below, or your actual tax liability, whichever is less. Your tax liability is the amount of income taxes you are responsible for based on your income and tax rate. If your contribution exceeds your tax liability, you may carry forward your credit for up to five years or take a charitable deduction. Consult your tax professional for guidance.

Where can I find my actual tax liability?

Refer to your most recent Arizona income tax return, Form 140. You will find your tax liability on Line 48.

How can I make my contribution?

Make your contribution securely online ( donate here ). Online donors will immediately receive a receipt via email. Give your receipt to your tax preparer. If you file your own tax return, you’ll claim your credit using Arizona tax forms 301, 323 and 348.

Is it really that easy?

The only catch is that taxpayers must take the initiative and make their tax credit contribution before filing their Arizona income tax return.

Families can give, too!

The APESF families we serve are encouraged to help fund scholarships for other deserving students. By participating in the program as a donor, parents are much more confident in asking others to contribute. There is no minimum contribution, and every dollar makes a difference.