Our Mission

The mission of APESF is to graciously serve Arizona families by providing tuition assistance for their children's private education while honoring the generosity of every donor.

Our Friendly & Knowledgeable Team

Ali Dillard

Director of Corporate Partnerships

Ali is APESF’s Director of Corporate Partnerships. Altruistic and dedicated, she values connecting with new faces and going the extra mile for others. She loves uniting corporate donors with the impact of our work, from how it affects schools to the difference it makes for every family. On her perfect day, Ali is traveling and sightseeing in an unfamiliar city on foot with her family.

Jenny Miller

Director of Operations

Jenny is APESF’s Director of Operations. Compassionate and professional, she is constantly seeking opportunities to care for others. She is devoted to providing support and encouragement for parents, and in turn, she witnesses children thriving and “reaching for the stars”. On her perfect day, Jenny is with her husband, three daughters and sons-in-law, and five grandchildren in stunning Orange Beach, Alabama.

Robin Anderson

Director of Community Outreach

Robin is APESF’s Director of Community Outreach. Kind-hearted and considerate, she is a natural peacemaker and prides herself on being able to see both sides of an issue. Robin loves working directly with families and schools, and she is passionate about providing financial support to the most vulnerable. On her perfect day, Robin would spend all day on Siesta Key Beach in Florida with her husband, Matt, and three boys.

Our Founder

It is with profound sadness and heavy hearts that we mourn the loss of APESF’s founder, Mark Moerkerke.

In 1998, Mark launched APESF with a clear vision to create a school tuition organization that served Arizona families seeking the “Best-Fit” education for their children. Over the past 23 years, thousands of students across the state of Arizona have benefited from the financial support of this remarkable scholarship program. Mark’s heart was always to serve financially challenged families that could not otherwise afford the schools that best fit their children’s educational needs.

Mark was a warm, kind, and generous leader and a committed and passionate advocate for school choice. As a beloved member of our APESF family, he will be deeply missed.

Our Board Members & Advisors

Kevin Armstrong (2021)*, Former Principal Wickenburg Christian Academy Derek Bohlen (2021)*, VP of Business Development Makers Sports Management Paul Cox (2012)*, Director of Development Teen Challenge of Arizona Dr. Gary Philip Damore (2013)*, Principal Cultivate Consulting Services

Grant Sardachuk (2004)*, Managing Partner Wild Rose Investments, LLLP

*Independent voting member

Monica Stern, External Auditor Monica J Stern, CPA, PLLC

Robert Erven Brown, Partner & Legal Counsel Schmitt Schneck Even & Williams, P.C.

Our Important Documents