We are committed to respecting your intentions as we serve Arizona families hoping to provide the best choice in education for their children. Your gift makes a difference in the lives of families across Arizona.

How It Works

Determine How Much You Can Contribute

You may contribute your total Arizona tax liability, up to the amounts shown below. Your liability is your taxable income multiplied by your tax rate, and is usually paid through payroll withholding and tax-credits.

Share Your Recommendations

Indicate any school or student recommendations on the contribution form. Although AZ law prevents recommendations as the only consideration when awarding scholarships, APESF does use them as a primary consideration.

Make Your Tax-Credit Contribution

Give securely online at apesf.org/donate or download and mail the printable form. Prefer to donate over the phone? Then, give us a call at 480-699-8911. We love talking to our families and donors!

Take Your State Tax-Credit

You will be emailed a receipt acknowledging your gift. Tax credits are easily reported on AZ Forms 301, 323, and 348. Enjoy knowing you made a difference by participating in this no-cost program!

Your Maximum Contribution

Beyond The Books

The mission of Beyond The Books is to provide financial assistance so less fortunate students can participate in the enrichment activities which are so vital to their long-term success.

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Corporate Programs

C-Corporations, S-Corporations, LLCs that file as an S-Corporation and Insurance companies who pay taxes on their premiums collected in Arizona are eligible to donate/redirect their Arizona state tax liability to the Corporate Private School Tax Credit Program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why participate in the Arizona tax credit program?

Tax credits allow Arizona residents to choose how their tax dollars are spent. Instead of sending their tax dollars to the state’s general fund, taxpayers can send their tax dollars directly to causes they believe in through qualified organizations like APESF. Making a tax-credit contribution, like withholding, is a way of paying your tax liability.

How much can I give?

You may contribute up to the maximum amount per the table below, or your actual tax liability, whichever is less. Your tax liability is the amount of income taxes you are responsible for based on your income and tax rate. If your contribution exceeds your tax liability, you may carry forward your credit for up to five years or take a charitable deduction. Consult your tax professional for guidance.

Where can I find my actual tax liability?

Refer to your most recent Arizona income tax return, Form 140. You will find your tax liability on Line 48.

How can I make my contribution?

Make your contribution securely online ( donate here ). Donors will immediately receive a receipt via email. Give your receipt to your tax preparer. If you file your own tax return, you’ll claim your credit using Arizona tax forms 301, 323 and 348.

Is my donor information private?

APESF is committed to protect the privacy of our donors. We will not share or sell a donor’s personal information with anyone, nor send donor mailings on behalf of other organizations. The Arizona Department of Revenue requires that donor names should not be shared with scholarship recipients, and in addition, as a 501(c)(3), federal charitable contribution laws expect donor confidentiality.

Is it really that easy?

YES! The only catch is that taxpayers must take the initiative and make their tax credit contribution before filing their Arizona income tax return.