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A New Chapter

Posted: February 6, 2019


It’s a cloudy, rainy day. I don’t like the rain. I never have. Give me that good, dry, Phoenix heat all day every day. But today rain feels appropriate. Today, rain is the perfect backdrop for writing a little goodbye. Six years ago, I was in Arizona (from Los Angeles, where I was living and… Read more

A Look Back on 2018

Posted: December 14, 2018

When I take a few moments to look back on 2018 at APESF, these reflections always bring lots of happy moments to mind. For me, the joy of holding my new granddaughter was a highlight! But it’s not lost on me that for any of us, there are always those few profound but painful things… Read more


It’s a great question. Why all the hype? What’s wrong with Wednesday? Or Thursday? Or any other day? Well. If you give on any day, that’s awesome. We so appreciate it. Your gift (any day) helps students in need. So if you somehow miss #GivingTuesday with all the other busy-ness we’re sure your life entails… Read more