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Running River Love

This guest blog post is brought to you by our school contact over at Running River School in Sedona. (We are blushing at Lupita’s kind words!) We love being able to truly partner with schools (and currently have 120 on the list) to find out how to serve them best. If you are interested in becoming a partner school, contact¬†Alexia.

I absolutely love APESF as an organization! I am a co-founder and the director of a newer independent school in Northern Arizona, and we have partnered with APESF from the start. I am also a parent of a student attending the school.

Here is what I love about APESF:

  • Their dedication to their work is unparalleled within their field, and they show it through their ongoing stellar customer service. They always promptly and courteously answer all of my questions, big and small, as a parent and a school partner. Never has there been a moment I felt unwelcome or bothersome. On top of it, they are always very quick to respond.
  • Their knowledge of the process is flawless, and their ease in explaining it to me in a way I can easily understand is so helpful. It is especially helpful in my position as Director, where it is my job to explain the process to potential donors.
  • They are here for you! Throughout the process of partnership, as well as applying for a scholarship, I have always felt like they are working for me and truly care about the success of my school and its students, as well as my own child.
  • We aspire to be like them! I often take with me, into our own board meetings, what they emulate as an organization. Every member I have dealt with upholds great personal qualities like kindness, dedication, love of service and intelligence.
  • Their print material and website are top quality. Their desire to stay on trend with their marketing practices, for me, is one of the signs of a smart business. That they understand this, when many others don’t, helps me to admire them even more.

Having experienced APESF, on many levels, I will continue to send my tax dollars to them even when my children no longer are in school, and I would highly encourage everyone out there to do the same. I truly believe that this School Tuition Organization is a cut above the rest!

Very Sincerely,
Guadalupe Pollock, Director
Running River School