How to Get Recommendations


First, understand the difference between the two individual giving programs: Original & Overflow/PLUS

  • Donors can give to both for the same dollar-for-dollar tax credit (if they have the tax liability).
  • All students can receive Original scholarships.
  • Students can receive Overflow/Plus Scholarships if:
    • Switching from public school
    • In kindergarten
    • Part of a military family
    • They have received Corporate or Overflow/PLUS scholarships in a previous academic year

Then, make sure you read the fine print.

  • A School Tuition Organization cannot award scholarships solely on the basis of donor recommendation.
    • This is why we have an application you must submit yearly.
    • This is also why you should not expect any guarantees. We’re simply not allowed to give you them.
  • A taxpayer may not claim a tax credit if the taxpayer agrees to swap donations with another taxpayer to benefit either taxpayer’s own dependent.

Step 2: JUST ASK!

  • Send a letter to your friends and family. (APESF provides emails you can forward throughout the year, OR you can go the old-fashioned route & do a hand-written note.)
  • Include APESF brochures in your holiday-card mailing.
  • Take a friend to coffee, and tell her about the program face-to-face.
  • Refuse holiday gifts. Ask people to recommend your kids with their tax-credit donation instead!
  • Connect with your CPA to see if he/she would be willing to use your family when recommending the Private School Tax Credit to clients.
  • Use social media to spread the word.
  • Tell your friends to tell their friends!


“People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.” -Anonymous

APESF does not provide donor information to scholarship recipient families, so we recommend thanking everyone you ask. (It may even get you a few more recommendations!)