Matching Gifts

Some employers will match a donation given by their employees to APESF. Please check your employer’s matching gift guidelines to see if your donation qualifies.

How to Request a Matching Gift

  • > Obtain a matching gift form from your employer.
  • > Fill out your portion of the form, and make sure to sign it.
    • When listing the recipient of the donation, use Arizona Private Education Scholarship Fund, Inc.
    • DO NOT list school or student recommendations anywhere on the form.
  • > Mail or fax the form to APESF, either with your donation or after you’ve donated online. We will promptly fill out our portion of the form and return it to your company’s matching gift department with any required documentation.

Companies will either accept the release of a gift that matches your donation in full (or in part) or will decline to match the gift per company policy. Employers typically notify employees of the decision.

Here’s some information on us you may need:

  • Organization: Arizona Private Education Scholarship Fund, Inc.
  • Federal Tax ID (EIN): 86-0958161
  • Telephone: (480) 699-8911
  • Fax: (480) 646-3196
  • Website Address:

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