Beyond The Books


APESF is pleased to present a new grant program focused on helping low-income and at-risk families pay the private school fees above and beyond tuition. Beyond the Books Grants enable selected students to participate in all their private schools offer without the financial burden to the family. Funding for Beyond The Books Grants comes entirely from charitable gifts to our organization, NOT tax-credit revenue.

Fees Eligible for Grants:

APESF sends all grants directly to private schools. Therefore, eligible fees are those for which the parent would ordinarily write a check to the school. These may (or may not) include:

  • Admission Exams/Testing

  • Additional Learning Services

  • Bus/Travel

  • Class Trips/Retreats

  • Clubs

  • Fine Arts

  • Graduation

  • iPad/Technology

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Registration

  • Sports/Athletics

  • Textbooks/Workbooks

  • Yearbook

How to Donate

Visit our donate page. Unless you also plan to make a state tax credit donation, answer NO to the initial question. In the Donation Details section, answer YES, you’d like to direct your donation toward our Beyond The Books grant program.

Beyond The Books Grant Distributions

Beyond The Books Grants are awarded once per semester in June and December. Notice of Beyond The Books Grant selection is sent in the same way notice of tuition scholarships is sent — via email on the last day of the month. Only families of selected students are emailed. All grants are one-time awards, not guaranteed for future years and not indicative of other tuition scholarships.

Can you direct us to potential funding sources?

In addition to utilizing charitable gifts, APESF also applies for local and national grants available to nonprofits. If you come across a relevant grant application, please send the link to In addition, if you know an individual or corporation that would like to make a tax-deductible contribution to APESF in support of this program, please contact us.

Our Inaugural Grant

In August of 2016, we awarded the first APESF Grant to Jade. Watch her story: