3 Reasons to Unzip Your Digital Backpack

In Arizona, we are more than fortunate to have the ability to redirect our state tax dollars toward private school tuition and get a dollar-for-dollar credit against what we owe in state income taxes. Student-recommended donations play a crucial role in this process and can even lead toward a student’s entire annual tuition being covered. Often, the idea of asking friends and family to donate and recommend their children can feel uncomfortable and difficult to explain. With our Digital Backpack, gathering recommendations for your children is much simpler than it seems.

Pre-Drafted Email Templates

Our fill and send pre-drafted email templates make it easy to activate your network of support. We have multiple templates to choose from, and we even have a calendar that helps you target the optimal time to reach out to your friends and family. For an extra touch, we suggest sending a letter by mail that explains the private school tax credit opportunity. Be sure to include a picture of your children and a handwritten note from them as well! 

Easy-to-Use Social Media Templates

If you want to get the word out to your social media network, APESF has made that effortless. Once you find a template you like in our Digital Backpack, you can go to Canva and edit the graphic quickly. You can even add a photo of your children if you would prefer. In a matter of minutes, you can reach hundreds of friends, some of whom may be able to help. And don’t worry, we’ve included step-by-step instructions for how to use Canva and create a unique and personal social media post!

Recommendations are Key

With enough student-recommended donations from your friends and family, your student’s tuition can be entirely covered. Take advantage of the extraordinary opportunity that Arizona gives its taxpayers and work diligently to ensure that you and your network of support understand the program. One of the ways best to do this is by walking through the donation process yourself so that you explain to others just how easy it is. Be inspired by listening to a story of one of our families that accomplished their goal.

At APESF, we are here to serve you, our families. We want to ensure that your student is able to experience their “Best-Fit” education.