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Meet Jenny

Here at APESF we strive to be relational. Any time you call or email us, you will speak with one of our three team members in the office. This is your chance to get to know us and why we love what we do. First up is Jenny Miller!

Tell us who you are!

My name is Jenny Miller. I’m one of nine children, was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, and I grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I attended parochial schools first through 12th grade and graduated from Oklahoma State University. I’ve been married to Scott Miller for 31 years, have three grown daughters and one very handsome redheaded grandson. I love what big family means – never being alone in this world!

What is your role here at APESF?

Director of Operations

How did you end up working at APESF?

I have a longterm history and friendship with Mark Moerkerke and founders of APESF dating back to our time at Scottsdale Christian Academy, where our three daughters attended school.

Why have you stayed?  

Although my role at APESF is the operations/compliance piece of our mission, since beginning at APESF in 2012, I have had the opportunity to build relationships with school communities and families and truly enjoy mentoring to parents who are in the depths of raising their children and making those difficult decisions that can be so overwhelming.

What gets you really excited/passionate in a day’s work here?

When we learn of a child’s newfound self confidence and success because of the school environment he/she is a part of

What’s your least favorite part of this job?

Knowing that there are limits to the amount of support we are able to provide to students who are thriving in their school environments but are at risk of not being able to continue because of funding

If there was one thing you could have everyone understand about the tax credit program, what would it be?

We have an incredible opportunity in the State of Arizona, through the tax credit program, to have a say in where a portion of our tax dollars are spent – no better place than in the education of our children. Today’s children are tomorrow’s adults!

Give me one surprising fact about yourself.

Not surprising to those who really know me — I am REALLY competitive! That’s what happens when you grow up surrounded by brothers!

What the team is saying…

“Jenny is the ideal team member. She is dependable, flexible, caring and kind. She makes sure that our “i”s get dotted and our “t”s get crossed. She puts the interests of others before her own and always has time for you — whether you’re her boss, her colleague, someone calling for the first time or someone calling for the thousandth time. There is no person I’d rather work with and no better person for her job.” -Alexia, APESF Director of Advancement & Marketing

“Jenny is the mom of the office. She is always checking on everyone to make sure they are alright. I frequently hear her on the phone, comforting and encouraging a parent who is worried about the cost of tuition. Jenny genuinely cares about families and works hard to partner with people and give them the tools to make private school a possibility.” -Jacqueline, APESF Outreach Coordinator

“I’ve had the privilege and honor to know and work with Jenny Miller  for over 15 years.  She consistently demonstrates that putting the focus on people first is foundational in achieving true success. Our organization has grown and flourished in recent years due largely to Jenny’s passion and heart for our mission and the families we serve.” -Mark, APESF Executive Director

We love Jenny Miller! Many of our families know and have worked with her. Feel free to leave a comment to share about your experience working with Jenny.