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Get Real

Here at APESF, we are real people who get to work with real families (with very real stories!) Our families, for a multitude of reasons, have enrolled their children in Arizona private schools and need support to pay the often-daunting tuition costs. Our organization gets to award tuition scholarships, which are made possible by real donors…maybe even YOU! So we want to share with you all the success stories that make what we do really worth it.

We hear amazing stories from families, schools and donors every day about the students we scholarship. This blog will be our platform to share news and updates from our organization and to show how the Arizona State Tax Credit Program is changing the lives of many communities in the state. We are blessed to be along for the ride in this amazing process!

If you have a story you would like to share with us about how APESF has made an impact on you, please email with the subject line “My Story.” We so appreciate hearing from our APESF friends and family!

Thanks for letting us get real with you via this blog! We look forward to sharing.

– The APESF Team –