How to Write a Donor Thank You Letter

After you’ve asked your friends and family to donate to APESF, you may wonder what you should do to follow-up. APESF does not provide a list of donors that have recommended a student to families for privacy purposes, but we want to help you say “Thank You” nonetheless. 

We think that after the December (12/31) or April (4/15) giving deadlines are great times to reach out, but you can send your thank you whenever you want! 

Whether you’ll send a letter by e-mail or snail mail, we suggest the same basic format: 

Step 1. Open a Word document, and save it to your desktop with an appropriate title.

Step 2. Compose the letter. We recommend that you touch on four main points. (1) Take the opportunity to say thank you, letting donors know that you do not receive information from us on the specifics of who gave. (2) Describe why your student loves his/her private school. (3) Give a list of your student’s accomplishments from the year (or year-to-date). (4) Conclude with something that reminds donors how important the private school tax credit program is (not only for your student, but also for the surrounding community), and thank them again for taking the time to consider giving year-over-year.

Step 3. Find a few photos that represent your student’s private school experience, and drop them in at the end of the document.

Step 4. Save the document as a PDF. Either attach it to your email or print it for mailing. 

We find that this method of gratitude fittingly thanks those who gave and encourages those who didn’t to reconsider. For a pre-formatted letter, click here. We’re happy to help with any step of the process!