Applying 101

In case you need some help, here is a crash course in applying with us:

APPLICATION CHECKLIST — Before applying, be sure to have:  

  • GROSS INCOME for each member of your household
  • (If applicable) VERIFICATION detailing previous tax-credit scholarships received (if not from APESF), previous AZ public school attendance, a documented disability and/or military orders. Click here to access these forms.
  • (Optional) ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION — Report cards, letters of recommendation, pictures, etc. are encouraged but not required.

To apply, visit:

  1. Read all instructions on the application carefully. We will not contact every family missing verification and/or other required information.
  2. List Parents/Guardians. If there is only one parent, click the red “Remove” button for Parent #2.
  3. List student information. For every question you answer “yes” to, we need verification to support that answer. Click here to access verification forms. For a “yes” to question 3, we need a copy of military orders. For a “yes” to question 4, we need a copy of the first few pages of the student’s IEP, MET or 504 plan. Of the four scholarship types, click the ones you believe each student is eligible to receive. Click the green “Add Student” button to list every child in the household who is applying for scholarships. Please list all students on one application. If your student’s school is not listed, you may not apply for him/her at this time.
  4. List all gross yearly income information for each household member. To add a household member (child, grandparent, whoever lives in the house) click the green “Add Other Household Members” button.
  5. You must verify the yearly (not monthly!) income for your household by clicking the “Yes” button in the yellow box.
  6. List your family circumstances in the “Explanation” box. Give us as much information as you wish, so we can have a better picture of your need and how far your household income goes.
  7. Check ALL special circumstances.
  8. Double check, again, that all info on the app is correct, and click the yellow box checkmark.
  9. Sign your “E-signature” by typing your name in the box.
  10. Submit!
  11. A green box will appear saying “WE HAVE RECEIVED YOUR APPLICATION.” To upload documents, click the blue “Choose Files” button to select your files, and then click the green “Upload” button. If you need to send documents in later, you can email, mail or fax them, and we will attach them to your application.

Once you have applied… 

  • You will receive an email that confirms successful submission of your family’s application.
  • Reach out to family & friends, and encourage them to make a donation that includes a recommendation for your child.
  • If you need to update information on your application, call (480) 699-8911 or email us at any time.

Things to Know

  1. An application can be considered for an award at any time throughout the school year.
  2. Awards are subject to available funding from tax credit revenues and are distributed monthly.
  3. When a student is selected to receive a scholarship, his/her school is notified for final approval.
  4. Once a school verifies enrollment and tuition due, parents receive an email notification detailing the award type(s) and amount(s).
  5. STO scholarship awards can meet but not exceed the current published tuition for a student.
  6. Information on all 4 types of scholarships & who is eligible for them can be found on our website here.

Thanks for applying! We are excited to partner with your family to make school choice a reality for your children.
As always, contact our office with any questions. We are here for you!

– The APESF Team –