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Why Is School Choice So Important?

As we all know each of us is unique – how we look, what we like or don’t like, how we learn etc. When asked why school choice is so important, one family I have worked with immediately comes to mind.

The Cheney family adopted three beautiful boys from Ethiopa. The older two boys thrived from day one of entering public schools in the United States with the oldest child now attending college. Mintesinot, the Cheney’s youngest son, had learning differences that made it very difficult for him to learn to read. Mrs. Cheney was told at one point that some children never learn to read. When told that Mrs. Cheney knew that she had to find a more specialized school that would provide the structure that Mintesinot needed to learn to read, and she did just that. He is now in his fifth year at New Way Academy, reading proficiently, participating in sports, yearbook, photography and receiving guidance counseling and structure that is assisting him in making plans for his future. Wow! This is a family’s dream come true for every child and possible because of school choice in Arizona and the private school tax credit program.

Families: The Cheney Update from APESF.

The uniqueness that is so evident in us doesn’t just appear. We are each born with our own strengths and weaknesses that need to be nurtured and encouraged so that we can reach our potential. Because of school choice in Arizona, parents have the opportunity to choose the school that aligns with the uniqueness of each of their children. The school of choice may be a public school, a charter school, a parochial school, a private school that specializes in customizing programs to serve students with learning differences, etc. And, like the Cheney family, children in the same family may be attending different schools thanks to the opportunities allowed by school choice.

Through the participation of Arizona taxpayers redirecting their state tax liability by making tax credit donations to private school tuition organizations, the school choices Arizona families are making can be financially supported through tuition scholarships. Arizona Private Education Scholarship Fund, Inc. (APESF) is one of over 60 school tuition organizations serving Arizona families who choose private schools for their children. We are honored to partner with families who are participating in school choice in the state of Arizona, and we value the relationships we have built over the past 20 years with the schools and families we serve and the Arizona taxpayers who make what we do possible.

My children are now grown, have children of their own and live in other states. As my grandchildren reach school age, I hope that their parents have the opportunity to choose the academic environment that best fits each child’s needs and that cost does not put up the barrier that keeps the child from reaching his or her potential. Our children deserve every opportunity to thrive – not just survive!