Koreena, APESF Parent

Our son, Parker, received scholarship funds from APESF this school year, and it has been such a blessing. He is a busy and passionate child who flourishes in the smaller classroom setting under the attention of all staff at Bayer Private School. He consistently scores in the 90th percentile in his Kindergarten testing, and the most amazing thing about it is that he’s learning at the 1st grade level! The structure, security and love that he and our family receive from Bayer is beyond words, and we are truly thankful for the support that APESF has offered to us. I am a wildland firefighter and work long hours and distances away from home in order to support our family. My husband works as bicycle mechanic at a nearby shop in order to provide the care, carpooling and flexibility to respond to our children when needed. Without APESF, we would not be able support a private school education for our youngest, and feel that it is the most impactful place for him during these formative years of his schooling. Many thanks again, for such an amazing opportunity.