…Maybe you’ve always dreamed of sending your child to a private school but could never afford it.

Perhaps a newly discovered learning disability means a specialized school is truly your child’s best option, but the added costs seem insurmountable.

Or maybe your kids have had the benefit of private education since preschool, and you’ve simply come upon hard times

Whatever the case may be, the Arizona Private Education Scholarship Fund is committed to making your choice of quality education attainable.

Every year, hundreds of deserving children miss out on a quality education due to financial hardship. Through both individual and corporate tuition tax credit programs, we’ve provided invaluable scholarships to students attending private schools, and your child could be next. APESF gives you the power to choose the best educational environment for your child with the hope that together we can change the face of Arizona education.

Please read about the different types of scholarships and who is eligible for them here, and use the links below to gain access to our forms and free resources.

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