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Yesterday, August 23, 2018, the U.S. Department of the Treasury and Internal Revenue Service suggested new rules that would regulate the opportunity for federal charitable contribution deductions in cases where the individual plans to get a state or local tax credit. Nothing has changed yet, but we want you to have all information available when… Read more


Do tax-credit scholarship programs drain money from district schools? (Guest Post by Marty Lueken) Perhaps the most-cited criticism of educational choice policies is that they “siphon” resources from district schools. High-quality research reveals numerous benefits stemming from educational choice, including benefits for participants, positive competitive effects, and fostering civic values. Policymakers, however, are concerned about the… Read more

“It is in the giving that we receive.”

Posted: December 29, 2015


Did you know… Your tax credit contribution may also be eligible for a federal deduction if you give by December 31st? Donating to the private school tax credit program benefits kids all over Arizona, but it also benefits you! The maximum allowable credits for 2015 are $1,067 for a single person and $2,134 for a married… Read more