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APESF’s Personalized Family Donation Pages are designed for you to easily share the tax credit program with your family, friends and other potential donors. They include all of the information your donors need to help them understand the Private School Tax Credit Program and make a donation with a recommendation for your children. The pages include:
  • A photo of your precious students
  • A video explaining the program and process
  • A donation button that pre-fills the recommendation of your students
  • A link to the APESF website for more information.

Get this powerful tool in 3 easy steps!

Step 1: Make sure you have a current school year application on file with APESF. If you have not applied, you can do it now. 
Step 2: Upload one photo showing all applicants clearly. Donors will love seeing your students on your personal page! Upload your photo using the form below or email it to
Step 3: Receive your custom link by email and start sharing it with friends, family, and other potential donors!

Get your page Started:

Fill out this simple form with all applicants’ names and upload your photo below. 

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