Our Families

The Robinson Family

Our names are Brett and Gretchen. We were married in 1999. We were excited to have a family but were not able to conceive. However, adoption came easily for us. We adopted our daughter, Maritess, in 2005, Sean, in 2007, and Brady, in 2009. What we did not know at the time was ADHD and Learning Disabilities would affect two of them. As you can imagine, this is a very strenuous path of parenthood. They are creative, funny, outgoing, smart, social, cute little people!

Last year, we realized traditional schooling was just not working for Maritess. We moved her to a school that specializes in teaching kids with ADHD and Learning Disabilities. What an amazing place and experience it has been! We are seeing such a huge improvement with her reading, math, and confidence.

Sean attends a private parochial school and is learning so much there traditionally. He has been placed in the Honors program there. And Brady is in first grade at the same school.

Both schools are private but the Learning Specialty school is the most costly because of all the intensive work it provides the kids there. At school, they have OT, Speech, Reading Specialists, and Counseling in addition to learning all the subjects in a way they CAN learn! We love our kids and just want to give them the VERY best chance they can have in leading a happy and successful life.

Both schools are private schools. We feel very fortunate that in the state of Arizona, there is an amazing Tax Credit tax payers can take to direct their dollars to these great schools and kids!

APESF has been instrumental in helping us secure some of these donations. The staff at APESF is so helpful, smart, and hard working. They are wonderful to work with. They return calls, answer all questions and seem to really care about our family. Thank you, APESF!