Income Reporting

Things to Know:

  • The information you report should be each household member’s gross income, not net, and the amounts should be annualized.
  • Gross income earned from work is not the same as take-home pay. It is the amount earned before taxes and other deductions. It should be listed on your pay stub, or your boss can tell you what it is.
  • If you have a household member for whom last month’s income was higher or lower than usual, list that person’s expected average annual income.
  • Income for a family applying for a foster child should not be considered. The only income considered is the amount of the foster child’s “personal use” income.
  • In the case of self-employed individuals, estimate the expected average annual income.
  • In the case of divorced parents, both parents and their income information need to be included on the application if both parents are still financially responsible for the child in some way.

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