When you make your Private School Tax Credit donation to APESF, you are able to provide tuition scholarships to children of first responders and active-duty military attending K-12 private schools in Arizona.


The Dunn Family

The Dunn family has been hit hard these last few years. Theo’s dad, Nick, was forced to leave his position as a local police officer due to his PTSD which stemmed from his years in combat in the U.S. military. With his loss of job and limited opportunities due to the pandemic, the family is financially struggling.
Theo, the Dunn’s youngest son, has attended a private school for the last several years, and their dream is to be able to continue his education in the environment he is happy in. With your support, Theo will be able to continue to attend the private school that best fits his needs during this difficult time.

The Meyer Family

Lars and Eva adopted their biological grandson, Matthew, out of foster care. Lars is not only an immigrant from Holland, but he is also a U.S. veteran. Although their retirement plans have changed drastically, they love caring for Matthew.
When the Meyers first adopted Matthew, he was developmentally delayed, and they felt strongly that a smaller academic environment would best fit his needs. Years later, and thanks to the generosity of donors like you, he is at a private school and thriving. The small classes and campus provide the emotional and academic support he needs.

The Harris Family

Over nine years ago, Susan, a single mother, retired from the Fire Department due to a disability. Although she has sought employment to provide for her family, her disability limits her ability to do so.
Recently, Susan was awarded custody of her son, Ryan. Between paying off attorney fees and day-to-day bills, she cannot afford Ryan’s tuition and desperately does not want her son to suffer as a result. As a loving mother, she works hard to ensure her son has the brightest future possible. Your gift will provide the support needed so that Ryan has every opportunity to reach his potential.