About apesf

Arizona Private Education Scholarship Fund is a School Tuition Organization (STO) developed under the guidelines provided in the AZ Private School Tuition Tax Credit Law of 1997. APESF was founded and incorporated in 1998 to provide educational scholarships to students attending private K-12 schools in the state of Arizona.

We utilize re-directed state tax dollars and general donations to fulfill our mission.

Our decisions to award scholarships take into careful consideration:

  • > The financial need of the family
  • > The individual merit of each student/applicant
  • > The ongoing sustainability of the student’s private education through our awards
  • > Recommendations from our donors, partner schools and individuals

The mission of APESF is to financially support Arizona families who desire to provide effective and sustainable solutions for their children’s private education.

Members of the APESF Board of Directors have a long and rich heritage in the state of Arizona as visionaries, leaders and significant supporters of private education.


Arizona Private Education Scholarship Fund, Inc. is a tax-exempt organization pursuant to federal law, Section 501 (c) (3) Federal I.D. number 86-0958161.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that what we do is a little complicated, so we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions for you. If you have additional questions, let us know!


Privacy Statement and Security Assurance

APESF expressly refuses to compromise the confidentiality or security of both donor information and applicant information submitted to APESF online and offline. No personal information submitted to APESF will be traded, shared, or sold with anyone else, unless the donor or applicant has given APESF specific permission to do so. APESF does not send mailings on behalf of other organizations or use personal information in any way except that which is inherently necessary for processing the user's intended transaction, for keeping APESF records and for responding efficiently and prudently to users' questions.

APESF is proud to take part in the most advanced Internet encryption software on the market. APESF uses the same 128-bit encryption software that banks and most major financial institutions use to do their daily transactions on the Internet. Your donation to APESF is secure. You can be sure that your money is going where you want it to go when you donate at www.apesf.org/donate or via mail.

If you, for any reason, are not satisfied with this statement of privacy and security assurance or if you have any questions, please contact us to let us know how we can improve.

Public Inspection Policy

APESF will make our application for recognition of exemption, current financial statements and annual information returns available upon request without charge except for a nominal fee for reproduction and actual postage costs. Annual information returns will be available for three years after filing.

If the governing documents and conflict of interest policy of the organization are subject to federal or state public disclosure rules, these documents will be made publicly available as applicable law may require. Otherwise, the governing documents and conflict of interest policy will be provided to the public at the discretion of management.

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Meet Our
  • Jenny Miller

    Operations Director

    Jenny has been in service to Arizona families since 2012 as Operations Director. Having raised three daughters who attended private school, she has a passion for assisting families as they navigate school choice and the many opportunities available because of the private school tax credit program. Jenny grew up in family of nine children in Tulsa, Oklahoma, all of which attended private schools, and she and her husband and daughters have called Arizona home since 1985.

    “I embrace the families and their stories and am honored to be a part of making school choice a reality for Arizona families.” – Jenny Miller

  • Robin Anderson

    Community Outreach Director

    Robin grew up in Indiana, where she attended private school. She graduated from Anderson University with a degree in Elementary Education and went on to teach at a private school in Ohio. Now a parent of children who attend private schools, she understands the importance of school choice and is happy to be a part of making that a reality in the lives of Arizona families. Robin, her husband Matt, and their three sons live in Scottsdale and are so grateful to call Arizona home.

    “Being a part of an organization that truly cares about families and helps to make private education a reality to so many is such a blessing.” – Robin Anderson

  • Ali Dillard

    Advancement & Corporate Partnerships Director

    Ali joined APESF in May 2017 as the organization’s Advancement & Corporate Partnerships Director. Ali previously spent two and a half years with the Arizona Coyotes as the team’s foundation manager, where she oversaw all fundraising and events for the team’s charitable donations. The Wenatchee, Washington, native moved to Arizona in 2011 when she joined the Fiesta Bowl as its membership coordinator after graduating from Washington State University. She has over six years in nonprofit experience. Ali is passionate about mentoring students and spent four years as a local church youth coach. She currently resides in Phoenix and enjoys traveling, golfing, attending sporting events and spending time with her husband, Greg, their son, Parker, and golden retriever, Bentley.

    “I am so thankful that I get to play a role in helping our APESF families pursue the best education for their children’s needs.” – Ali Dillard

  • Mark Moerkerke


    Mark is the Founder of APESF and devoted most of his professional career to the advancement of private education in the state of Arizona and numerous western states. He founded APESF in 1998, one of Arizona’s first STOs, with a clear vision to support Arizona families who want to make and sustain their K-12 educational choices through private institutions. Mark has consistently been committed to the policy of “people first,” which has enabled APESF to be a leader in service-based solutions for Arizona families utilizing the STO programs. The Moerkerke family has a rich heritage of service to philanthropic and educational institutions in Arizona dating back to 1958.

    “It has been my life’s mission and passion to support families and their individual rights to make choices about their faith, education and future.” – Mark Moerkerke

Board Members

  • Paul Cox, Director of Development, Teen Challenge of Arizona
  • John T. Dallmus, CPA, MBA, Senior Accountancy Lecturer, W.P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University
  • Dr. Gary Philip Damore, Principal, Cultivate Consulting Services, LLC
  • Barrie L. Petty, Controller, Communication Links
  • Grant Sardachuk, Managing Partner, Wild Rose Investments, LLLP
  • Robert Erven Brown, Partner, Schmitt Schneck Casey Even & Williams, P.C. (Legal Counsel)

  • Founder

  • Mark Moerkerke, President, Moerkerke Development Company, Inc.


  • I’d say the whole process takes about fifteen minutes and for something so easy it really isn’t too good to be true- it’s just as easy as it sounds. I encourage anybody to participate.

    - Dustin, APESF Donor

  • I believe in private education. I’m a product of private education, and I wanted to see as many families and students have the opportunity to attend private school like I did. So my wife and I began giving to APESF because we wanted to see as many families as possible have the opportunity for school choice and to choose private school if that’s where they wanted to be…Working with APESF has been such a joy. They make the process easy and simple. They’ve helped me understand where my tax dollars are going.

    - Michael, APESF Donor

  • I absolutely love APESF as an organization! I am a co-founder and the director of a newer independent school in Northern Arizona and we have partnered with APESF from the start. I am also a parent of a student attending the school. Having experienced APESF, on many levels, I will continue to send my tax dollars to them even when my children no longer are in school, and I would highly encourage everyone out there to do the same. I truly believe that this School Tuition Organization is a cut above the rest!

    - Lupita, APESF School Partner

  • I want to thank you for contributing toward my tuition at Notre Dame. I am a student athlete and enjoy the atmosphere as a student and athlete here at Notre Dame. Without donors like you this would not be possible to attend Notre Dame as my family does not have the financial means to fulfill the required tuition to attend Notre Dame. I truly want to thank you.

    - Kyle, 11th Grade

  • My daughter is dyslexic and has struggled academically in the classroom since kindergarten. When her challenges began, we wanted to send her to a school where she could get the extra time and support she needed. However, we knew we could never afford a private school and we thought working with the public school and fighting for her to receive services was our only option. After meeting with Jenny at APESF, I left armed with all the information I needed to talk to friends and family about the tax credits available to help kids like Emma.   Emma is now in 7th grade at Lexis Preparatory and she is a happy, confident, smart girl who is proud of all that she has accomplished. My husband and I are so thankful EVERY DAY to APESF and Lexis for all they have done to help our daughter.

    - Candace, APESF Parent

  • My daughter was miserable for the past three or four years and now she’s happy. For that I am eternally grateful. You could not pick a better program to put your money towards.

    - Jessica, APESF Parent

  • There are three people in the office- I know all of them. I feel like they’re our friends and they’re all in Jackson’s corner. It’s just really nice to work with such caring people. They’re so passionate about what they’re doing. It’s really made all the difference.

    - Lisa, APESF Parent

  • We are in our sixth year and we have grown with APESF. The people there are very responsible, they are responsive in terms of getting back to us right away. It is a true partnership. They meet our parents, they’re interested in our students, they come over and look at our campus- they want a personal relationship. And APESF has done a phenomenal job of building that relationship.

    - Bonnie, APESF School Partner

  • Without your help I don't think its possible for us to send our daughter to the Christian school. She is getting better everyday and learns so much, even correcting my English already. I hope to have your continuous support to her.

    - Daisy, APESF Parent

  • Our son, Parker, received scholarship funds from APESF this school year, and it has been such a blessing. He is a busy and passionate child who flourishes in the smaller classroom setting under the attention of all staff at Bayer Private School. He consistently scores in the 90th percentile in his Kindergarten testing, and the most amazing thing about it is that he's learning at the 1st grade level! The structure, security and love that he and our family receive from Bayer is beyond words, and we are truly thankful for the support that APESF has offered to us. I am a wildland firefighter and work long hours and distances away from home in order to support our family. My husband works as bicycle mechanic at a nearby shop in order to provide the care, carpooling and flexibility to respond to our children when needed. Without APESF, we would not be able support a private school education for our youngest, and feel that it is the most impactful place for him during these formative years of his schooling. Many thanks again, for such an amazing opportunity.

    - Koreena, APESF Parent

  • You get things out to us in a very timely manner, and when we presented a problem a family was having to you, you were the quickest one to respond to us, which makes us want to recommend you as an excellent resource for providing scholarship funds.

    - School Partner

  • Communication and education of staff and families has always been phenomenal. I also very much appreciate being able to go back and see the award history for students in the school portal.

    - School Partner

  • Your responsiveness to both the school and families is terrific. I am pleased to recommend APESF and do so regularly. We are truly grateful for your support of New Way families.

    - School Partner

  • Communication and response time -- Everyone seems to be very knowledgeable and willing to assist or follow up with someone else if they are not sure of the answer. Our families are very pleased with APESF as are we.

    - School Partner

  • When it comes to STOs, I always recommend APESF because of the people. I truly believe in the director and the administrators here. I know that they have the best interest of the children in mind and I know that they are trustworthy to follow the rules of the tax law itself.

    - Barrie, APESF Donor